Opera Today: Tristan and Isolde

. . . . Conductor Jordan de Souza is a 35-year-old Canadian prodigy. He has already moved through career phases as a virtuoso organist and a Baroque choral conductor, and now heads the prestigious Komische Oper Berlin and globetrots as an opera conductor. His crisp cues, rhythmic flow, and ability to create a transparent and delicately balanced soundscape signal remarkable self-assurance in someone conducting this difficult score for the first time. A decade from now, he may well be hailed as one of the greats among modern opera conductors – and I imagine that he will develop a firmer command of this opera’s climactic moments. The orchestra responded splendidly through the night – with the despondent English horn solo in Act III more beautifully phrased than I have ever heard.

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Parterre Box–Tristan and Isolde Review

. . . Jordan D’Souza directed the Seattle Symphony in a meticulously shaped, beautifully tinted and propulsive reading of Wagner’s Tristan. For a young conductor’s first take on this cornerstone of operatic history, d’Souza impressively drew myriad details and color from the score and contributed to his accomplished ensemble’s musical success.

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