Globe and Mail: Oksana G. never loses its heart amidst troubling subject matter

Robert Harris
May 25, 2017

It is a tribute to the artistry of the performers of Oksana G., the new opera from Toronto’s Tapestry Opera, that the vividness and explicit action of the opera never overwhelms the heart of the piece, never turns our attention away from the human stories portrayed in this affecting production. Because, after all, Oksana G. is about human trafficking and the international sex trade, and has scenes that are full of violence and degradaton and disgust. And sometimes the sheer brute portrayal of these scenes can have the opposite effect than the one intended and dehumanize us in the audience as well as the characters on stage, deadening the emotional content being portrayed.

Jordan de Souza led the orchestra with an extremely fine-tuned sense of colour and balance, keeping the music strictly controlled, but lyrical nonetheless.

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